RLT was established in 2013 (registration no. 41681300457/Binika     The notion of social work or charity has a very different meaning here because the Trustees themselves are living examples of being branded socially disadvantaged but have never left a chance to prove themselves worthy for the main stream society. RLT is a mix of skills and capabilities of experts in various fields and strives towards achieving the goals for which RLT was established. In just a short span of time a school for the deaf has become operational and is offering quality education with academic input from experts in the field, and an Eco-Village project is under development in full swing and is operational from September 2017. The We also have educational initiative at Shikha Eco-Village for imparting knowledge and alternative education through research and innovation. Now, it is being built as a model campus for the future where life is fully sustainable. We have also developed another 5 acre plot for further experimentation on Agro Forestry and Agro Ecology. This new project is under development. We do not believe in “helping”needy people by providing food or clothes; this paternalistic view of the poor dis empowers them from the start and should stop. Instead, we equip people with advanced skills on how to meet their own needs themselves.

RLT is a research based practice and always draws knowledge from research and learned sources to convert them into action. It is a hub for knowledge and action. In addition, information on organic farming and other issues such as development of Eco-tourism are being collected which make good use of the abundant natural resources in our local area. A training module will be developed soon to offer training to local farmers/students on how to establish organic agriculture and increase income. It will be scientifically documented and studied so that we can understand implications for its success and failure.

In the coming years RLT has a strong vision to provide education to the Deaf children upto university level at local and international scale, using the latest academic trends from Europe and reinventing non-traditional education. The academic, research and innovation ideas has input from  world class educationists, experts, and scientists who have expertise in educational innovation and are part of an elite group of THINK TANK  in sustainable development and education.