Development timeline

 The development of the eco-learning-village started in 2016, with phase 1 of the site development at Shikha and the opening of the primary school for deaf children. The Rural Lifeline Trust then held a series of meetings with both local stakeholders and partners further afield. Important meetings in India involved the Member of Parliament for the constituency where Shikha is located, and the head of the local government from Sonepur. A series of planning meetings was held with partners abroad throughout 2017/2018, including the International Deaf Empowerment Foundation, research institutes at the University of Central Lancashire, and the University for the Future network. The first joint research project with the University of Central Lancashire began in July 2017. The next phases of development will see the establishment of the AlterNEXT on the Shikha campus and the beginning of activities its three main strands: Educational Innovation, Rural Vitalisation, and Interactive Engagement. Our current work involves building the campus along with houses for Happy Hands School For the Deaf