Organizations involved in the project

RLT is not satisfied with the usual attitude that for poor and underdeveloped areas and people, any kind of provision no matter how substandard should be good enough. Instead, we believe in the opposite idea that disadvantaged people need particularly high quality of provisions.

For this reason, RLT collaborates with international scholars in order to introduce latest models and practices, based on firm theoretical foundations, to the beneficiaries of the Shikha eco-learning village

The University for the Future (U4F) forms part of the next Renaissance (nextR) initiative and is a network of Higher Education innovators in several European countries. The U4F provides academic input into the designs of alternative transdisciplinary and transformative education as part of the Shikha project.

The International Deaf Empowerment Foundation (iDEF) in the UK supports the development of educational provisions for deaf sign language users on the learning village’s campus, for both primary school and Higher Education levels.

The University of Central Lancashire in the UK undertakes joint research with the FutuRISE Academy on “Deaf (Multi)Literacy” through the International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies, and on “Living Labs” through the Institute for Citizenship and Society.